Arts at Harvey Mudd College

Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts

Concert Series 

Drinkward Recital Hall

View from the performance area of an empty wood-paneled recital hall with a grand piano and banked seating for 99.
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Backdrop is a view of an artwork hung from above the pedestal. Nick Dazell describes his work, Hooked: “Humans have been fly tying since at least 200 AD.... Hooked is an amateur’s attempt to dive into the world of fly tying with very simple materials and tools. In the collection there is a crankbait made from part of a toothbrush which would be used to catch trout or bass. The next lure is meant to simulate a fishing spoon. Made from a regular eating spoon, it would be used to fish for pike or muskies. The fly lure, made from paracord, would likely be used to fish for bluegill. The bottle cap lure has weights on the inside, and would be best for deepwater species.” Undesirable Pets (2021). Sprague Gallery.