Visual Arts 2021-2022

Liza Gull
Artificial Ecosystem

April 28 - May 12, 2022 
Sprague Gallery

Works from the HMC Makerspace and Independent Study with Professor Ken Fandell
View of an exhibition in a gallery, a side of which is made of glass doors. Two photos are hanging on the wall. Three sculptures are placed on pedestals; and one of them appears to be a head bust. Six works are hanging midair from the ceiling; they include a suncatcher, bead strings, and what look like small, flying things. One sculpture is installed on the floor.
Installation View. Sprague Gallery.

Art 179I HM Composing the Cybernetic
Chronicling the Cybernetic- Mapping the 5c’s

April 11 - 22, 2022 
Sprague Gallery

Students of Art 179I HM Composing the Cybernetic (Spring 2022) taught by Professor Robby Herbst
View of a gallery where walls and a pedestal have art mounted and placed on them. All artworks are 2-dimensional works on paper.
Installation view. Sprague Gallery.

Art 60 HM Workshop in Hand-Press Printing
Deceptively Reserved and Flat

March 21 - April 1, 2022
Sprague Gallery

Students of Art 60 HM Workshop in Hand-Press Printing (2008-2021) by Professor Jeffrey D. Groves at the First Floor Press in The Claremont Colleges Library
View of a two-part work on paper hanging on the wall. A poem and an abstract, octopus-like figure are printed in ink on paper.
Cassandra Burgess, excerpts from An Octopus (1924) by Marianne Moore, 2017

Waverly Wang
Studies of Women

February 7 - February 25, 2022 
Sprague Gallery
A charcoal drawing of a female figure with squinted eyes holds a pair of glasses with one hand and an open book with another. The figure appears to be trying to read what is in the book.
Oh, Good Heavens, 2017, white charcoal on paper, 19 x 13 inches. Photo courtesy of the artist.

looked at, gazed upon, seen

January 31 - May 6, 2022
Parsons Engineering Building

looked at, gazed upon, seen, 2021, charcoal on cardboard, 36 x 48 inches each

5 senses

December 1 - 15, 2021
Sprague Gallery
A night view of lavender planted in a fenced garden.
Photo courtesy of the artist

Undesirable Pets

November 9 - 13, 2021 
Sprague Gallery

Students of Art and Biology (Fall 2021) taught by Professor Rachel Mayeri
View into the gallery from outside in the courtyard. A well-lit exhibition is visible through glass doors.
”Undesirable Pets” (installation view)

Modern & Contemporary Art Practices

A Manifesto of Art as Art, September 14 - October 7, 2021, Sprague Gallery
ReadyMade, September 23, 2:45-4 p.m., Shakespeare Theater
Monochrome, October 12, 2:45-4 p.m., Hixon Courtyard and Strauss Plaza
Performance Happening, October 28, 2:45-4 p.m., Olin Patio
Video Art Video, November 11, 2:45-4 p.m.
TechNo, December 2, 2:45-4 p.m.
Another Manifesto of Art as Art, December 9, 2:45-4 p.m.

*Pop-up locations include Hixon Courtyard, Liquidambar Mall, Olin Patio, Platt Lawn, Shakespeare Theater, and Strauss Plaza.

Students of Art 2 HM Modern & Contemporary Art Practices (Fall 2021) taught by Professor Ken Fandell
An image of three views of an exhibition combined. The three views photographed from different parts of the gallery space show all of the gallery walls, pedestals, and floor, to which printed papers are attached by blue painter's tape in an unorderly manner. Two installation pieces – one in a glass bottle and the other one of a mirror – are also visible.
“A Manifesto of Art as Art” (installation views)

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