Visual Arts 2023-2024

Making Monsters

March 26-May 3, 2024
Sprague Gallery
A headshot of two human figures that look identical to each other, are dressed in the same way, and are posing back to back, each looking toward something out of the frame. By the way their hair is touching, they seem almost contiguous to each other. Natural landscape in the background is blurred.
Zeneve Jacotin, Arwen, 2023, composite color photograph. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Lucas Bang
Static Dynamic Emergent

January 29-March 3, 2024
Sprague Gallery
Picture of a robotic hand in open palm with plants growing out of finger joints.

Jonathan Jackson (Tierra del Sol)

October 18-December 10, 2023 
Sprague Gallery
A central arrangement of loopy, irregular lines in contact with and intersecting one another is against a backdrop of geometric shapes and stripes. The backdrop in three divisions – those on the left and right sides in vertical and horizontal stripes and one in the middle with circles – and that the central lines not only intersect with one another but also with the backdrop suggest a multi-dimensional space.
Jonathan Jackson, Water Pipes, 2019, color pencil and marker on paper, 18 x 24 inches. Photo courtesy of Tierra del Sol Studios.

A cylinder vase with photo transfer of a nude atop a coffee table with two stems of calla lilies inserted into their anus holds two stems of calla lilies. The vase is placed on the same coffee table cluttered with mundane objects including mails, pills, a ball, a pair of glasses, a pile of a journal and printed materials, masks, a candle, antibacterial wipes, and more.
Jonah Ifcher, Untitled (object), 2023, photo transfer on ceramic, 10 x 5 x 5 inches. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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