Making Monsters

Sarah An, Brandon Bonifacio, Eloise Burtis, James Clinton, Kaeshav Danesh, Leilani Elkaslasy, Zeneve Jacotin, Elena Kryukova, Noah Gabor, Golda Gene Grais, Lauren Henson, Beatrice Rose Hruska, Noah Limpert, Kaliyah Keita, Kenneth Mitchel, Maria_Jose Najas, Anna Shobe, Jordan Stone, Mikayla Spencer Stout, Emmett Stralka, John Tjaard van Loben Sels, Ethan Vazquez, Jasper Wood, Trinity Zhang

March 26 - May 3, 2024

Sprague Gallery

A headshot of two human figures that look identical to each other, are dressed in the same way, and are posing back to back, each looking toward something out of the frame. By the way their hair is touching, they seem almost contiguous to each other. Natural landscape in the background is blurred.
Zeneve Jacotin, Arwen, 2023, composite color photograph. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Making Monsters refers to the creating of the works in the exhibit.

Making Monsters refers to the students who created the works in the exhibit.

Making Monsters refers to the act of teaching the classes that the works in the exhibit were created in.

Incorporating work from at least 24 students from across the consortium, Making Monsters is an exhibition of student works from five HMC courses taught during the 2023-2024 school year. Works from Art 179S Collage, Art 179T Portrait Photography, Art 179V Generative Art, Lit 141 Monsters in Literature, and Philosophy 179F AI and Ethics are included. Works in the exhibition use collage, photography, sculpture, video, drawing, coding, writing, video and AI to examine the creative act, representation, perception, ideas of authorship, and what it means to make or be a monster.

Students in the exhibit include:

Sarah An - Harvey Mudd
Brandon Bonifacio - Harvey Mudd
Eloise Burtis - Pomona
James Clinton - Harvey Mudd
Kaeshav Danesh - Harvey Mudd
Leilani Elkaslasy - Harvey Mudd
Zeneve Jacotin - Harvey Mudd
Elena Kryukova - Harvey Mudd
Noah Gabor - Pitzer
Golda Gene Grais - Scripps
Lauren Henson - Harvey Mudd
Beatrice Rose Hruska - Scripps
Noah Limpert - Harvey Mudd
Kaliyah Keita - Pomona
Kenneth Mitchel - Harvey Mudd
Maria_Jose Najas - Harvey Mudd
Anna Shobe - Scripps
Jordan Stone - Harvey Mudd
Mikayla Spencer Stout - Scripps
Emmett Stralka - Harvey Mudd
John Tjaard van Loben Sels - Harvey Mudd
Ethan Vazquez - Harvey Mudd
Jasper Wood - Harvey Mudd
Trinity Zhang - Harvey Mudd

Making Monsters opens on March 26 and continues through May 3, 2024. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with additional hours during events on evenings and weekends.

The exhibition is curated by Professor Ken Fandell of the HMC Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts.

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