Our Good Photographs

Ella Boyd, Katherine Carey, Haoxing Du, Morgan Frisby, Ellen Kim, Forest Kobayashi, Sara McAllister, Chloe Mozer, Alex Nunes, Jonah Rubin, Kinjal Shah, Reagan Smith, Oswaldo Sosa, Nelll White

May 3 – May 9, 2019
Sprague Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, May 3, 9:30-10:30 a.m.

A left palm placed on a surface that seems to reflect the sky.
Kinjal Shah, Palm Lines, 2019. © Kinjal Shah

Sprague Gallery is pleased to announce Our Good Photographs. The exhibition presents student  artwork  from Art 33 HM (Spring 2019), a photography course taught by Professor  Ken Fandell of the Harvey Mudd art faculty.

Students made  works using  cyanotype photogram, scanner  and  DSLR camera in response to assignments  of  various  genres and concepts. Examples are making the best picture, filling the frame in the tradition of the still  life both in black and white  and in color, making something ugly beautiful and something beautiful ugly, making a landscape and photographing its detail, portrait and self-portrait, and the invisible. Each assignment was complemented by scholarly references in art and photography. As a result, hundreds of images were produced.

The works in the exhibition have been chosen for their complexity. They are less photographic records or studies of the subjects but more traces of arranging, manipulating, both knowingly and unknowingly, and viewing. Many of them host shifts of power and perspectives through duality and multiplicity of elements, games/play, and deconstruction. In some cases, the system or the frame in which each subject is situated is what the works highlight. In the process of being put against one another or against the system, the subjects remain generous to allow the risk of losing power or being wrapped in obscurity; and that may be the detail of the works that is either refreshing or poignant.

Our Good Photographs runs through May 9.

Ella Boyd
Katherine Carey
Haoxing Du
Morgan Frisby
Ellen Kim
Forest Kobayashi
Sara McAllister
Chloe Mozer
Alex Nunes
Jonah Rubin
Kinjal Shah
Reagan Smith
Oswaldo Sosa
Nelll White

Curated by Julia Hong

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