Visual Arts 2017-2018

Spring Semester Exhibition

April 27 – May 8, 2018
Sprague Gallery

Students of Art 33 HM Photography (Spring 2018)
View of an exhibition in a gallery space where printed photos hang on the wall in a salon style and printed materials are displayed on two tables.
“Spring Semester Exhibition,” installation view

Ways to Know

February 21 – March 7, 2018
Sprague Gallery

Alexi Jade Butts, Mary Jessie Celestin, Louisa Rose Cornelis, Sophia Ehlen, Madeline Helland, Lam Huynh, Juan Pablo Jaramillo, Isys Archell Johnson, Eduardo Salas, Ariel So, Iris Zhou, and students of Math 49A HM Fluidity: Intersection of Math and Art (Fall 2017)
A drawing of a face much pressed by feet on both cheeks. The mouth is made open by the pressure, and the eyes are closed.
Sophia Ehlen, Self-Portrait with Feet, 2017, graphite on paper, 6.5×6.5 in. © Sophia Ehlen

Fall Semester Exhibition

December 10–13, 2017
Sprague Gallery

Students of Art 33 HM Photography (Fall 2017) and Art 188 HM Undisciplined Art (Fall 2017)
A stained paper hangs on the wall.
Aurora Leeson, Claremont Rain, 2017, cardstock paper, Claremont, CA sunrays, 8.5×11 in

Cross Currents

October 26 – November 19, 2017
Sprague Gallery

Mahala Bryant, Morgan Carothers, Arielle Chiara, Madeline Coven, Lizzy Freedman, Jenny Lee, John Lentfer, Judy Lin, Alexandra Paydar, Emma Stolarski, Everest Strayer
A clothed table has tableware, booklets, vacuum-sealed flowers, and a framed mirror placed on top. The framed mirror leans against the wall and has vacuum-sealed foods attached to its glass surface.
Lizzy Freedman, LOIS, 2017, mixed media installation (found objects, preserved food, booklets)

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